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Freshman Project Presentation
Freshman Project Presentation tomorrow.. Hoping this goes well..
Rather Be – Clean Bandit
Rather Be by Clean Bandit is one of my favorite songs. It quickly made the iTunes’ Top Charts and will always be one of my go-to songs. Give it a listen!
After moving into a new home with their children, two parents are forced to take drastic measures when it tuns out that their new home is haunted. They are [...]
Course Registrations
Course Registrations have started and I’m actually excited for my sophomore year! My freshman year went by too fast honestly. Looking back, I feel [...]
Track Realization
I had another realization – Delbarton has taught me to be more committed. I am part of the Spring Track Team, and we have practice every day and [...]
First Day Back..
First day back from Easter Break.. Tired… Hungry… Have so many things due in 3 days… Sigh
Easter Break~
A well-earned Easter Break! Looking forward to no school and Easter! I hope I don’t have too much work due over the break..
Nightcrawler is about a man named Louis Bloom who survives by scavenging and petty theft. He struggles to find a job, and eventually gives up until he sees [...]
I’ve come to the realization that planning out your week ahead of time and doing your work in advance is much easier than doing it a day or so [...]
Finally, Spring Break is here! 2 weeks off from school – a great way to start off March. I have to make sure I stay on top of all my work and [...]